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Keek A Boo!

Gìog Ort!
Gìog Ort!


Come with us and learn how to talk about everything from a pet cat to a roaring lion! Have you ever wondered what a crocodile ‘says’? You won’t be long in finding out!

Illustration - Animals


Who doesn’t like learning outdoors! From cars and buses to rivers and streams, you’ll soon be able to talk about outdoor learning in Gaelic. There are lots of new songs to learn too!

Illustration: Boy gardening
Teacher with kids

The body

Let’s learn the Gaelic words for parts of the body! You’ll meet an alien and a robot along the way. I wonder what your favourite body song will be. There are lots to choose from!

Parts of the body


We all love to talk about the weather! You’ll soon be able to sing a song for every type of weather. That means that you’ll be able to sing everyday! Splish, splash!

Weather icons


1,2,3…Go! I wonder how many frogs are jumping. I wonder how many teddies are on the bed. Can you see how many eggs are in the basket? You’ll be counting in Gaelic before you know it!

Number balloons


What will we wear today? A t-shirt? A coat?

Clothes line


Learn how to drive a green tractor, and more!

Coloured Balloons
Coloured hands graphic


Join Jackie and learn how to celebrate this special moment with new songs. Who do you think owns a lamb and who has an egg basket? Come and find out!

Easter Bunny
Easter Eggs

See the snow!

Dear oh dear! It’s cold today! Come and pick up a snowman with Jackie!



Boo! I wonder who is wearing a pointy hat. I wonder who has a pumpkin. Join the children as they head out in their costumes on Hallowe’en. Learn some new songs too!

Halloween characters
Halloween elements